Monday, November 21, 2011

More Pyrex and pottery

I've found more Pyrex in the garage!  
These bowls (#401-403), in excellent condition, are the Butterfly Gold 1 pattern.  
The #404 bowl is missing.  I will use one or two bowls on the Thanksgiving table- the colors are perfect.

This green ashtray was also in the garage.  I am finding so many forgotten treasures!
On the back it says Made in America, but no specific maker.  Although I love this shade of green, I will reluctantly place this in the "sell" pile.

I just love this simple, matte white planter.  It has no identifying marks.  This little piece will stay with me- more white pottery for my collection.

This 6-inch x 3-inch planter was only .49 cents at Goodwill!  I just had to add it to my collection.  It is marked Miramar of California, with the number 150 visible (there is other info that I can't make out).