Friday, January 13, 2012

Interesting Postcards

Today, I began to put away my Christmas decor.  I have a basket that contains old (some from the 1920s) holiday cards.  Most of them are holiday greetings consisting of a printed/typeset sentiment with a personal signature (not a folded card like we send nowadays).  I also have a few postcards in the basket.  Neither of the following postcards were dated.  One postcard was blank, the other had German writing on it.

Health, Happiness and Prosperity attend You.

Sent in all Sincerity

Kindest Regards,
And Greetings gay,
Much joy to you
This New Year's Day.

Did you notice the swastika on both cards?  Isn't that unusual?  I'm sure that's what attracted me to the cards when I purchased them.  Any postcard collectors out there?  If you can shed some light on these cards, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello, Winter!

Winter has finally arrived in northern Illinois.  It's about time!  I dislike driving on wintry roads, but I do like being cooped up in my warm house while the snow falls.  We're expecting 3-6 inches of snow- a nice start to the winter season!

"Welcome" to friends and winter!

As the sign says: Let it Snow!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goodwill finds

Today, I happened to be near a Goodwill store that I don't usually frequent.  What kind of thrifter would I be if I passed it by?  I found three items: one to keep, two to sell (not yet doing that!).

A sweet plate, in very nice condition with pretty colors.  

I believe this is Indiana Glass- Whitehall pattern.  I saw a similar bowl on eBay listed as a Punch Bowl.  Do you think that is correct?  Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

I love this Haegar vase!  It's in perfect condition (no red spots, as seen in my photo).
It's not old (it had a tag from the Haegar store), but the form and color are great!  It's a keeper!

 Hope YOU found some interesting pieces today!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Very Interesting Book

I don't get much time to read books.  But, I couldn't resist STUFF Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things by Randy O. Frost & Gail Steketee.  It is well-written, not too clinical, and is an eye-opener for those of us who collect.  As I read it, I'm thinking: do I do that?  does my house look like that?  are my collections out-of-control?  No, No, and Maybe...

Are you reading anything interesting these days?  Let me know!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not So Special, Except...

Can you believe I've posted two days in a row?  Me, neither!  This morning, I went through some of the bags of goodies in the garage.  I'm sorting the linens, pottery, glassware, and miscellaneous treasures.  I found these 4 souvenir trays (all in terrific condition) that I purchased at Goodwill.  Not a high-end collectible, but so reminiscent of family vacations/souvenir stands.  What is special about 3 of these trays is the previous owner attached a note to the back of them!  I'd like to share her comments with you.

Ann Schmidt lived here- 1972.  
Stormy Ardelean my first boss at Sears moved out here! -1972, Mesa Ariz.
Stormy's husband killed-1975 or 1976

When Vi and I were in Boston, we drove up to her sister's home at UNREADABLE.
Had a ride on the air lift at the Old Man of the Mountain.

Jeanine lived at South Haven.
Saw Holland on a bus trip one time with Ollivet(?) Q.

No comments on this one.   

What an interesting way to record a trip/friendships with personal recollections tied to these souvenir trays.  I would give anything to find some words from my grandmother documenting one of her many trips.  Isn't it a shame that these simple items have left the family of the previous owner?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

Finally, pictures of some of my themed Christmas trees!  I wish I had a better camera (and better picture-taking skills)!  I'm also dealing with a Mac (not my trusty PC), and that is a whole new ballgame to me.    

The bird tree is filled with feathered creatures, miniature birdhouses, and birdie-related ornaments.  Topped with a berry bouquet for the birds!

The winter tree holds ice skates, mittens, nordic sweaters, woolen stockings, snowshoes, and more.  Topped with a festive pair of red skis!

The woodland tree is my favorite!  I love the richness of the predominantly brown palette.  This tree holds a variety of wildlife (bears, squirrels, a wolf, a hedgehog, a quail, owls, and more) plus pinecones, antlers, leaves, nests, mushrooms, and mini-wreaths crafted of natural materials.  This year, I topped the tree with a feather wreath.  A bunch of feathers add some effect in the back.

The patriotic tree is another favorite of mine.  Stars, flags, Miss Liberty, Santa Claus as Uncle Sam, snowmen wearing red/white/blue, and eagles adorn this flag-topped tree.

The snowman tree is filled with snowmen of every type and material.  In honor of Frosty, this happy tree is topped with a black top hat.

This Santa tree was a last-minute addition this year.  When I realized I had so many Santa ornaments, a tree was born!  I especially love the HOHOHO plaque and the Santa hat topper.

My two children each had a personal tree with special-to-them ornaments.  I also had a cat tree, an African wildlife tree, a fish tree, and a 7-foot tree trimmed with all shiny ornaments.  But, with this new Mac, I can't find the pictures.  iPhoto is not easy to use, and Picasa (which I am comfortable with) is more roundabout with a Mac.  Oh well.... I'll learn in time.    

Wishing everyone a Happy 2012!