Saturday, January 7, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

Finally, pictures of some of my themed Christmas trees!  I wish I had a better camera (and better picture-taking skills)!  I'm also dealing with a Mac (not my trusty PC), and that is a whole new ballgame to me.    

The bird tree is filled with feathered creatures, miniature birdhouses, and birdie-related ornaments.  Topped with a berry bouquet for the birds!

The winter tree holds ice skates, mittens, nordic sweaters, woolen stockings, snowshoes, and more.  Topped with a festive pair of red skis!

The woodland tree is my favorite!  I love the richness of the predominantly brown palette.  This tree holds a variety of wildlife (bears, squirrels, a wolf, a hedgehog, a quail, owls, and more) plus pinecones, antlers, leaves, nests, mushrooms, and mini-wreaths crafted of natural materials.  This year, I topped the tree with a feather wreath.  A bunch of feathers add some effect in the back.

The patriotic tree is another favorite of mine.  Stars, flags, Miss Liberty, Santa Claus as Uncle Sam, snowmen wearing red/white/blue, and eagles adorn this flag-topped tree.

The snowman tree is filled with snowmen of every type and material.  In honor of Frosty, this happy tree is topped with a black top hat.

This Santa tree was a last-minute addition this year.  When I realized I had so many Santa ornaments, a tree was born!  I especially love the HOHOHO plaque and the Santa hat topper.

My two children each had a personal tree with special-to-them ornaments.  I also had a cat tree, an African wildlife tree, a fish tree, and a 7-foot tree trimmed with all shiny ornaments.  But, with this new Mac, I can't find the pictures.  iPhoto is not easy to use, and Picasa (which I am comfortable with) is more roundabout with a Mac.  Oh well.... I'll learn in time.    

Wishing everyone a Happy 2012!


JunkinJane said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, your themes are great, love the winter tree!