Friday, January 13, 2012

Interesting Postcards

Today, I began to put away my Christmas decor.  I have a basket that contains old (some from the 1920s) holiday cards.  Most of them are holiday greetings consisting of a printed/typeset sentiment with a personal signature (not a folded card like we send nowadays).  I also have a few postcards in the basket.  Neither of the following postcards were dated.  One postcard was blank, the other had German writing on it.

Health, Happiness and Prosperity attend You.

Sent in all Sincerity

Kindest Regards,
And Greetings gay,
Much joy to you
This New Year's Day.

Did you notice the swastika on both cards?  Isn't that unusual?  I'm sure that's what attracted me to the cards when I purchased them.  Any postcard collectors out there?  If you can shed some light on these cards, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks! 


Polly said...

Hey there! I love vintage postcards! Although I have curbed that addiction a bit over the past couple of years!

I just got your comment over on my blog about the hankies. There are some really cute ones in that pile! Unfortunately, I do not yet have an Etsy shop, although I am working on it! I have it started but haven't listed anything yet. Maybe I will list a couple of these hankies to get started!! I'll let you know if I do!

JunkStuffTreasures said...

Hi Polly! Not sure if you saw my follow-up e-mail. I don't have many postcards, but these just were so different. Now, hankies- that's a different story. It wouldn't surprise me if I had close to 1,000- an addiction I can't curb!

Paulette said...

If you hadn't pointed out the swastika I would not have seen them, I think I was focused on the the phrase ... and Greetings gay. Today we don't use that phrase. How times and phrase have changed.