Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not So Special, Except...

Can you believe I've posted two days in a row?  Me, neither!  This morning, I went through some of the bags of goodies in the garage.  I'm sorting the linens, pottery, glassware, and miscellaneous treasures.  I found these 4 souvenir trays (all in terrific condition) that I purchased at Goodwill.  Not a high-end collectible, but so reminiscent of family vacations/souvenir stands.  What is special about 3 of these trays is the previous owner attached a note to the back of them!  I'd like to share her comments with you.

Ann Schmidt lived here- 1972.  
Stormy Ardelean my first boss at Sears moved out here! -1972, Mesa Ariz.
Stormy's husband killed-1975 or 1976

When Vi and I were in Boston, we drove up to her sister's home at UNREADABLE.
Had a ride on the air lift at the Old Man of the Mountain.

Jeanine lived at South Haven.
Saw Holland on a bus trip one time with Ollivet(?) Q.

No comments on this one.   

What an interesting way to record a trip/friendships with personal recollections tied to these souvenir trays.  I would give anything to find some words from my grandmother documenting one of her many trips.  Isn't it a shame that these simple items have left the family of the previous owner?


monogirl said...

Ooooh, I love that these have the owners comments on the back! For all of the 30+ of these I own, only 1 has a note. My hand painted Rhode Island has :"From Margaret Willis Grand Rep. 6 ct. 1968" Which at least gives me a date for the tray if nothing else.
These are great finds!