Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Deal of the Century

Hello, friends.  I have been thrifting and buying a lot of treasures.  I will take pictures real soon- I promise!  However, I couldn't resist sharing this one non-vintage purchase with you.

I was at a local Goodwill on Monday and had many items in my cart when I spied brand new, still-in-their-boxes, Threshold fireplace screens from Target (original price $29.99/clearance price $20.98).  I was not looking to purchase a screen (although ours was a bit dated) but for $6.99 I decided to buy it.  Not a bad price, right?  Wait- it gets better...

When I look at my receipt after my purchase, I start doing my happy dance!  After 50% off (pink ticket day) + 25% off (I saved a birthday coupon), this screen cost me........$2.62!  Can you believe it?  If only I could find Pyrex on 1/2 price days- ha!

Happy thrifting!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Garage Sale Season!

Hello, friends.  Here in the Midwest we are in the midst of terrible storms.  But, there is good news on the horizon- garage sale season is finally here!  I've tweaked my work schedule to allow me to have Fridays off.  Tomorrow, I plan to visit a town-wide sale, a subdivision sale, and 2 church sales.  I hope to bring home many treasures.  Wish me luck!

Are you finding many garage sales in your neck of the woods?  Happy hunting!