Friday, December 30, 2011

Where are the pictures?

Well, the decorating was finished and the pictures taken, ready to be shared.  Then, all hell breaks loose at my house!  On 12/22, we noticed the freezer wasn't freezing.  By the next day, the refrigerator was kaput.  So, we buy a new refrig with delivery scheduled for 12/24.  Delivery arrives as promised but the deliveryman determines that the refrig won't fit in the space.    Fortunately, we do have another ancient unit in the garage which we put to use.  On 12/26, we return to the appliance store to re-purchase.  Lo and behold (after another set of measurements), the original piece WILL fit in the space- darn those INCORRECT online measurements!  I'm happy to say that the refrig was re-delivered and is working great!

Breakdown #2: yesterday, my washing machine malfunctions (as in water pouring out the door- the sensor didn't tell it to stop filling).  So, off to the appliance store to buy a new washer (which really means a new washer and dryer).  This morning, we became the proud, but poor, owners of a new washing machine and dryer.

My head is spinning, my wallet is empty.  Looking forward to a calamity-free 2012 and wishing you all a wonderful New Year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Still decorating!

Hi friends, I hope you are getting your decorating done, cards written, presents bought, cookies baked, and ALL the other things that need to get done.  I've procrastinated this year, but the trees (14 this year) are getting done.  Nine are trimmed, five to go.  I am ornament obsessed- thus, the need for multiple (themed) trees.  My autistic son loves Christmas, and I enlisted him to trim 3 small trees ("his" tree, my daughter's tree, and the "cat-themed" tree).  He did a very good job!  I've decorated these themed trees: birds, santas, snowmen, wild animals, winter, patriotic (pictures to follow soon). 

I love seeing all your decorating ideas, thanks for sharing your creativity!