Friday, June 29, 2012

Pottery Pictures

I finally got my "rear in gear" and dug through 4 large boxes of pottery.  It was like a treasure hunt!  I re-discovered pottery that I bought months ago.  Some pieces I will keep, others will be sold, and Goodwill will become the recipient of some not-so-great pieces.

Hope you enjoy looking at these pictures, as much as I enjoyed seeing the pottery again!

Keeping these:

green/blue, Hull?, 456 USA
green/blue, Hull?, no markings
medium green, footed, no markings

medium green, approx. 5 inches tall, USA on bottom

medium green, bark-like with mushrooms growing, no markings,
Ben Franklin price tag still inside

LOVE this piece!  
medium green with an adorable zebra

matching bookends, medium green, no markings

off-white, approx. 8 inches, smooth finish, no markings

off-white, 8 flared sides on pedestal, 425-USA

large, off-white, New England Pottery, made in the USA

creamy white, small Dutch shoe, no markings
creamy white, planter with attached saucer, scalloped design, USA

tall, creamy white, 510 Brush USA
creamy white, footed planter, 606 USA
creamy white, 3-footed egg on stand, no markings

off-white, faint name on bottom beginning with "S", USA
adorable turtle, no markings

small, round Haeger with label, USA
tall, white, concentric circles, no markings
white, like cabbage leaves, no markings

Selling these:

light medium green, approx. 3-4 inches high, 413- 8 USA

off-white, Floraline, USA 460

creamy white, planter with attached saucer, scalloped design, USA
white/tan, planter with attached saucer, wavy design with 1/2 flowers at lip
off white, fish, no markings
creamy white, genie bottle, no markings

long, medium green, speckled, Imperial, F72-USA

shades of green, flared bottom, starburst(?) designs on top half, approx. 8 inches

medium green (not as light as picture), UP CO, USA, 107- 10"

dark green, Hull, USA F83

off-white, vase with handles, flat finish, no markings
creamy white, Haeger (with tag) urn, no markings

This is only the beginning.  I have a whole garage FULL of treasures- PYREX, linens, barware, more pottery, glassware, trays, so many things to unearth!  I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new look!

My blog has been re-designed and the re-design totally suits my style and personality.  I love the colors, graphics, and layout- I am very pleased with the finished product!  

I thrifted yesterday and today and bought some fun items.  I'll photograph them and share them in the next few days.  Hope you are all staying cool (it was 100 degrees today in Illinois).  See ya soon!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blog Re-design!

In case you haven't noticed, I'm an absentee blogger.  I realized that the main reason is that I REALLY DISLIKE my blog design.  So, I took a birthday check from my parents and decided to put it towards a blog re-design.  I'm hoping that a design that better represents me will provide motivation to blog more consistently.  Michelle at is applying her skills and creativity to this project- I can't wait to see the finished product!

I've bought a ton of treasures recently- there is so much to show you.  Hope to see you soon when the new and improved junkstufftreasures debuts!