Sunday, January 6, 2013

Older Christmas Greetings

It's time to put the holiday decorations away and that makes me a little sad.  I love the holiday season and I love my decorated house.  Over time, I have collected Christmas greetings from years ago.  I always re-read them before they get packed away.  Here are a few interesting ones:

from- Miss Friday.... How mysterious!!

This unusual greeting (1925) shows an Asian-style lantern and uses a "bamboo" font.

I wonder where Eleanor lives?  This picture shows palm trees, sailboats, and bathing beauties with parasols.

This is almost a tongue-twister! 

I hope that happiness
Happens your way,
And when it does happen,
Happens to stay.

This card mentions the "New Deal" (programs enacted 1933-1936).
Poor Santa, he's lost everything during the New Deal.  He uses an old, crippled donkey to deliver the presents.  Can you read the last two lines?  Santa apologizes in advance that he'll "be out on my ass in the snow!" 

This lovely card was sent by Luella Stafford in 1903.  

Your joys be many- friends be true:
Your troubles like your foes, be few.

Front of the card, above.  Back of the card, below.
Sent in 1922 by Clifton Henderson, Hobart NY

I wonder if Clifton was in WWI?

Hello Harry Old Pal,
Don't you wish you was over in France this Christmas?
"Yes", I do.  "Oh Boy."

Why Don't You ever Write. (Poor Clifton.  I wonder if he ever heard from Harry?)

Well, there's work to be done in this house.  Must get back to taking down some trees.  Have a wonderful week!


JunkStuffTreasures said...
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Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

These old card are so sweet. I do hope he got a reply from Harry:-)

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

Still loving your vintage post cards...the one with Santa and the donkey makes me smile :)

Mitzi said...

I think the old cards are just lovely! I like to read the messages from long ago. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Unknown said...

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