Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Deal of the Century

Hello, friends.  I have been thrifting and buying a lot of treasures.  I will take pictures real soon- I promise!  However, I couldn't resist sharing this one non-vintage purchase with you.

I was at a local Goodwill on Monday and had many items in my cart when I spied brand new, still-in-their-boxes, Threshold fireplace screens from Target (original price $29.99/clearance price $20.98).  I was not looking to purchase a screen (although ours was a bit dated) but for $6.99 I decided to buy it.  Not a bad price, right?  Wait- it gets better...

When I look at my receipt after my purchase, I start doing my happy dance!  After 50% off (pink ticket day) + 25% off (I saved a birthday coupon), this screen cost me........$2.62!  Can you believe it?  If only I could find Pyrex on 1/2 price days- ha!

Happy thrifting!


Vanessa said...

I love when you get retail needs from the thrift for waaaay less. Great score!